Old People

What are the pastimes of old people?

You can classify old people into two categories.

You can see cunning old people who become very adamant, try to overrule their children and grandkids at the fag end of their lives. They generally want to relieve their frustration. People who had gone through a dreadful past. These type of old people are generally those, who have not enjoyed their life to the fullest. They sacrificed and now want their children to sacrifice their lives for the next generation, i.e. for the grandchildren of the oldies.

The other category of old people is cool and calm. They live a peaceful life. Once they are retired from their employment and services, they love to go on pilgrimage, enjoy a vacation at hill stations, explore things and make new friends. Morning, they go for yoga, watch movies, listen to songs and their intention is not to disturb others. They live in their own world. These people are broad-minded and will never interfere in the life of other kids and grandkids.


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