Love and Hate

Some people like you and some people hate you. Can you list any 5 reasons that you think, why people hate you?

  1. This question forces me to unveil my limitations. Some of the common reasons why people love to hate me. Here I go:
  2. I am never serious as I follow the old adage by Paul Harvey which states that serious people have few ideas, people with ideas are never serious. This behavior is not accepted by all the people who know me.
  3. As I had watched lots of movies in my childhood days, I try to be cinematic and when I have to address anything, I put it in a style which sometimes annoys my bosses.
  4. Family members hate me for not quitting drinking which has become a challenge for me. I am trying my best to reduce the intake of alcohol.
  5. I try to avoid people who do not sound interesting to me. These people will not love me and it is quite natural.
  6. Some hackers hate me because they cannot crack the password of my email accounts.

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