Dark side of love

What is the dark side of falling in love?

It happened one day when I was enjoying the rosy days of my bachelorhood. I had a crush on my neighbor’s daughter. The relationship was in its infant stages and a boost was necessary. We were not comfortable in looking at each other in front of others and in flashy daylight (sunlight) or in the evening when bulbs and tube lights are usually switched on after the sunset at homes.

The miracle happened. On one fine day, there was power cut and my mom told me to bring a candle from our neighbor’s home. I went there and she was alone. It was completely dark and when he heard my voice she responded. Carrying a torch we both were searching for candles inside her house. These were the moments when our affair got promoted. I fell in love with her during darkness. This is was the dark side of falling in love. Hope you enjoyed my story.


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