Absence of feelings

What would happen if there were no feelings?

People will start behaving like machines. We won’t attend any birthday parties. No festivals, celebrations etc.

There will not be jealousy, quarrel, violence, murder, theft and there won’t be cops and courts.

How can I save myself when I am abducted or being trafficked?

Use your brains when you are caught in such a situation. These days government has introduced many safety measures. There are helplines, apps etc. which can protect you. Preacuations and alertness is required. Don’t travel to an isolated spot in the wee hours. Always ask for a company if you are feeling uncomfortable to visit places alone.

On a separate note, get inspired by Phogat family of Dangal. When you are free watch women centric movies like Gulaab Gang, Mary Kom, Akira etc. These movies give you tips which will help you to defend.


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