Sentence Anthakshari

10 sentences –  ARUN THEVAR’s CONCEPT

  1. The next time you decide to take off, inform me well in advance.
  2. Advance against salary is not a good practice to follow
  3. Follow the leaders who respect their followers.
  4. Followers are generally fooled by fake saints
  5. Saints are more dangerous than the criminals
  6. Criminals never open a bank account
  7. Account is something which I never thought of learning
  8. Learning is good for people who want to pass time
  9. Time is money for those who believe in punctuality
  10. Punctuality, discipline, courtesy, sincerity all are brothers and sisters belonging to the same family.

Please make 10 sentences for me and revert.

Start with family….


One thought on “Sentence Anthakshari

  1. My colleague Nilesh Upadhyay writes :

    Family is source of energy and help you to set goals for life
    Life without family is like a food without salt
    Salt helps in the development of brain
    Brain never rests
    Rest is very much important for the good health
    Health is wealth
    Wealth creation takes time and can be passed from generation to generation
    Generation of today’s time are very vibrant & full of energy
    Energy comes from friends and Family.

    Made nine sentences, but first and last sentence ending on the same note☺☺.Little twist.


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