Habit of reading books written by eminent authors is good thing but a manager or a leader cannot read and always put into practice what he reads. Circumstances forces great leaders to modify their leadership styles and it should be the case.

Practically it is impossible to go with books because it depends on the environment where you work, the type of staff your company hires and there are many other things. If you are avid reader and would like to follow that is written in “How to get things done from your staff” there should be people working under you, who at the same time should religiously follow the stuff in the book titled “How to impress your boss with your work” This coincidence and meeting of dialogue is necessary. This rarely happens.

Think from a broader perspective. You should know when, where and how to use your knowledge and before interaction, one must know the abilities and capabilities of the people at the receiving end.

This is my personal experience and believe me I have tried this on my team members and it worked.

Be professional only if it is actually necessary otherwise just being a nice mate of your colleagues you can get things going. With the attempt to prove that you are genius in front of your team members, you sometimes miss the tact to manage people. Be smart! FROM TODAY  – ARUN THEVAR.



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