Tips for Ananya

Tips for baby Ananya


She is too small to understand serious literature stuff. I would suggest, you should go with PHOTO READING concept for small kids. Kids are more attracted towards audio visual kind of thing. They will be happy to see or read story books which will have more pictures than plain text. Something which actually looks like larger than life on paper. Cartoons, mythology, encyclopaedia, atlas, science, astronomical or it can be even pictures of fruits and vegetables. You should agree with me that even today we are not familiar with the English names of everything that is sold in Big Bazaar, D-Mart etc. Let the basics be clear to our kids and over a period of time she will catch up with what she likes. Seed will turn into blooming flower one day.

I personally feel, minds of today’s kids should revolve around random topics. Swinging and jumping here and there. Today I cannot stick to one topic while discussion and that will not influence the masses. If you have to be impressive, you should know a bit about everything. Life will force you to interact with different kinds of people in your personal and professional life. Versatility and capability to have a healthy conversation with different characters will leave a more effective impact and mark.

These are exclusively my views so you can contact more people for confirmation on the above. Remember, I am not into philosophy…J


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