‘Ae Dil Hain Mushkil ‘ Jeena Yahan – Zara Hatke Zara Bachke – Yeh Hain Mumbai Meri Jaan.

The first four words in the above line are lyrics of a song sung by legendary singer Late. Mohammad Rafi Saheb. This is also the title of the latest Karan Johar’s movie in which he had used a dialogue to insult Rafi Saheb which goes like this:

The dialogue was “ Mohammad Rafi Gaathe Kum The, Rothe Jyaada The”

Music lovers across the globe who understand hindi language are extremely disappointed by KJ for having this dialogue in his movie. There are many videos which has gone viral on you tube. KJ is facing the real music now. People who admire Rafi Saheb are going to make his life miserable. The entire film fraternity knows Rafi Saheb’s Charisma and versatility he had in his singing skills. All the great singers of this generation will not hesitate to claim that during their struggle period in this profession, they would have certainly sung Rafi Saheb’s old melodies to steal the show. On the streets, orchestra, audition etc.

At the first place, inclusive of such a dialogue which disrespects our former legends was not required. KJ will not be spared. Wait and see.


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