WORD for a word

Sometimes it happens, you  check the MEANING of a particular WORD on any online dictionary websites, read it and then relate the same to the  news feed and  understand the whole article. It is not always possible for you to  remember that ‘word’ and its meaning and store it in your memory. This is practically impossible for persons who are  avid readers and go through varied articles.  Their curiosity will enforce them to constantly upgrade their word power and vocabulary. They read a lot.

I suggest you to log into the www.learnersdictionary.com. Create a new login (one time exercise) and then use the amazing features it has. The website allows you to save the words and the meaning which you have searched since you started using the website.

This is quite interesting. Try it out.

Few words  which I have on my list are : Sleuth, plethora, exodus, ominous, nexus, purge, flak and more…..


Please share your views :

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