Thank you GI

A big thank you to all my lovely colleagues for their warm wishes.

Today, when I stepped into the office, It was a rocking welcome given by all of you.  For few minutes I was speechless and could not cope up with the scenario which I saw. My instant response and facial gestures may have appeared strange to you because I was slipping and slowly getting into abnormal state. The real ARUN was taking a backseat and the one wearing mask has to perform and interact. You guys have put me in a completely discomfort state, with these arrangements.

My deepest thanks to Mishel, Riddhi and my team members for decorating the desk and I feel like, I am caged inside the museum with this attractive and beautiful surrounding. Lots of gifts are wrapped and kept at my desk and some are particularly identical and lookalikes of tonic bottles which I prefer after 8.00 PM.

The delicious birthday chocolates are home-made ones and my friend Nithu has untiringly worked to make these last evening. Thank you Nithu. You are always ready to do anything for your colleagues especially whenever there is celebration. Riddhi Wagaskar of tax team has made some handmade flowers for me. Thank you Riddhi. It was a festival like celebration altogether.

Another year has passed and I am trying my best to maintain the originality in me. I will continue living the way I lived until now because my ethics and principles won’t accept a serious change in my behaviour, mannerisms and moral qualities. Humour, TP, jokes everything will continue as long as breathing continues. Stay tuned….

Thanks again guys.

Lovely you all are, and I am blessed to be around with people like you. GI Zindabad.

 PS : Vishwanath has commented, the praise and felicitation which I received today is awesome and outstanding. Something which the party workers organize for their supremo, who also happens to be a corrupted politician.

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