Newsmakers and Newspapers

Newsmakers & Newspapers.

During the past few years I have seen how the presentation of news in the tabloids and full size newspapers have been changing day by day. To read the actual pieces of news you have to turn 2-3 pages. Today when we pick a paper from the stall, the most glaring thing which will draw the attention of your eyes will be a full page advertisement. If you see exclusive FLIPKART advt. in the first page, the back side of the page you can see SNAPDEAL announcing their latest offers. 2nd page it can be anything, BIG BAZAAR, OLX, D-MART, FORTIS or any declaration by the Indian Government issued in the interest of Indian Public.

The real crap and junk study material begins from the 3rd or 4th page. I have stopped reading newspapers these days because most of the journalists, editors, publishers are interested in negative things. The main focus is to exaggerate the incidents and they are more inclined towards describing conflict, accidents, war, agitation, rape, scam and scandals. Now if you continue reading all these stuff seriously, you will get into depression. Chances are there you will narrate everything that you read to your colleagues and spoil their mood too.

I would suggest please download NDTV/ TIMES/ FIRSTPOST applications on your mobile phone and they keep sending you notifications of major news followed by a beep sound. Headlines are right in front of you on your mobile screen. If something interests you, you can always click on the notification and read detailed news otherwise nobody is forcing you to religiously go through the news related to each and everything that is happening around you. It is not necessary. You can use your time for some productive work.

Hope the above article alerts you and encourages you to quit reading the unwanted stuff.


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