Health Issues and Doctor

All the Netizens across the globe are requested to stay away from health related websites. Whenever I sense there is something wrong with my health, the nearest advisor for me, who is approachable is internet and after getting engrossed into it for few minutes, I find myself in deep trouble. I go on reading the symptoms, causes and effects of all minor and major disasters that could happen to one’s health, from one website to another and finally I am in a pensive mood.

If you are an avid reader and would like to go through the web pages which lists various case studies, experiences of patients, then it’s like adding insult to injury. Click on the topmost right hand side (x) button and skip the page.

When you feel God is out of service and something is wrong with your health, the best thing which I would recommend is to visit your family doctor and know his views. He will give you the same set of capsules of vibrant (holiwala) colours for every disease. The ingredients of capsules may vary but the color will remain the same. This is my experience.

If your family doctor is not able to rescue you from the calamity, he may suggest you to do all types of scans and tests. Vitamin M plays a crucial role in this phase of your struggle because the tests which are conducted in the laboratory will cost you more than what you anticipated in the beginning.

The only way to get rid of all these revolutionary exercises is to take care of your health. Stay fit fine and healthy. Eat good food, party sometimes and be polite with others. Drop your ego and be kind to your colleagues.

My blogs will never have a proper story line or clear ending due to time constraint. Secondly and I have to concentrate on other tasks too. I cannot keep cooking stories and pen down everything. This is mere fun and not a  serious literature stuff. Hope you enjoyed this piece of writing.

That’s all for today. Rest in next.


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