After a long time, I travelled by train in the morning hours today. Everything remains unchanged. Crazy commuters struggling and running to enter the platform and board the train. A few staring at the indicators like miserable people, who are quite unsure about the arrival of their train and wandering if it will arrive on time or not. Shoe shiners craving for the customers, banging their working desk with the tools so that they can invite people and get some business. Queue at the ticket counters seemed to be, as it was before and it will be always. Beggars are continuing with their profession and earn easy money, and have decided not to vanish from this world.

The scenario inside the 2nd class compartment is worth describing. People reading newspapers, resting their heads on shoulders like insomnia victims. Some are keenly interested in concentrating on the activities of others. Peeping into mobile phones of the fellow commuters.

One cannot deny the fact that WHATSAPP has had a revolutionary impact on our communication techniques and ways. It helps people to relax and pass the time while travelling. Communicating with their friends, colleagues, BF, GF, spouse, children etc. one enjoys travelling. For some people, it is the travel time which allows them to create new friends, get into the depth of their relationships by chatting with others. Educational discussion, gossips, exchange of jokes everything takes place. I wanted to notice more and let you all know about interesting facts but fortunately it was only a 15 minutes travel for me and all that I had observed, I have mentioned in this short blog. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.


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