Birthday wishes PK


Birthday wishes

We all appreciate your energy levels and enthusiasm. It is very difficult to find hard working ladies like you and I think all the group members will also agree to this fact. Truly you are inspiration and if not with others, I can tell my daughter about your daily itinerary.

In the initial stages once our group is formed you made the chat sessions interesting with your humor and funny arguments with me. This urged everyone to stay tuned in the group and gel with each other with their bits. These things play a crucial role and we should never forget the person who poured kerosene to keep this FIRE LIVE and ALIVE….our admin.


Enjoy…….It’s your day…


One thought on “Birthday wishes PK”

  1. Hi buddy,

    Visiting the blog after quite a long time may be after 6 months or so……………………

    With all the comments up there you have made me feel something special. It was all possible because of you, may be the online chemistry between us. You were so spontaneous in chatting that initially i really used to wonder how could anyone type so vigorously, be spontaneous having good sense of humour

    This itself inspired me, and i successfully explored myself.

    I remember Shinde mentioning as “PK-MT tonic”

    Well that was really fun, as i hardly believe me to be funny, i accepted myself to be on serious notes always. Now am glad to know that i can be funny as well. I must say that with “FRIENDS” around like you any wonder or miracle is bound to be possible

    Greater thanks to Shibu, as he tried every bits to bring everyone under one roof


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