Rajesh Dhumada


Dear all,

He was  part of our housekeeping team when we first spotted him. Although he was working for other company, Rajesh conquered the hearts of all GI staff within short span of time by meeting their needs and wholeheartedly serving them like AB (see above pic). Later on, as he has to continue with the studies, he left GI after spending two years leaving a lasting impression on all of us. 

After a year, when we were looking out for an office assistant, the very first name which everyone in my team  recommended was Rajesh. We never felt like hunting more candidates for the position.

Today is his last day with GI and it is very unfortunate that he is leaving. Due to commuting issues and to give enough time to his family, he is joining another company which is close to his residence.

I must say during his tenure with GI, I have never seen or heard him complaining about others. Getting frustrated due to work load or any inconveniences caused to him. He may be junior to all of us but one should be inspired by him and understand how he succeeded in building rapport and be friendly with his colleagues. A LIVE EXAMPLE….

We all need to convey our sincere thanks for his hard work and dedication and the best way to do that would be giving him a memorable farewell.

A card is kept at Mandar’s desk where you can post your warm wishes for his bright future. There is also a SLAM book where you can present your views in a more detailed manner. ( Note : there are only 30 pages so hurry up)

I also understand few staff members would like to have a farewell get together separately. Please note you can use the Mumbai Room but only after 7.20 PM. Please be quick and the meeting should not exceed more than 15 minutes.

YE team and support team will assemble at London Room to bid farewell to him in the evening time after 7.15 PM based on his availability. He is going to be busy today…

We will  miss our LITTLE MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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