Generation Change


Whenever I share my family photo with my friends and colleagues, I have always been sidelined and credit goes to son or daughter for their appearances. This reminds me of a short story which I heard years ago in one orchestra during my childhood. The anchor was telling when S.D. Burman was a hit music director and at those times R.D. Burman was attending school and looking at him, people would say ” wo dekho S.D.Burman ka beta jaa raha hain”. Later years passed away and carrying the legacy achieving name and fame was his son R.D. Burman. One fine day when S.D Burman at the fag end of his life was spotted by people in a park, the crowd said ” Wo dekho R.D. Burman ke Baap jaa raha hain”……..WAQT WAQT KI BAAT HAIN.

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