Excerpts from the talk delivered by Erin Mckean in TED Talks : Go ahead, make up new words

Sometimes people use rules-based grammar to discourage people from making up words. And I think that is, well, stupid. So, for example, people are always telling you, “Be creative, make new music, do art, invent things, science and technology.” But when it comes to words, they’re like, “Don’t! No.

When you hear me continously chances are there you will find minor grammatical errors in my conversation with you. You can spot these errors but only if you are from a literature background or perhaps a catholic or if your mother tongue is english. Remember I cannot be like you and certainly you are not like me. Quite easy for me to press shfit+F7 and replace the old vintage word with a modern version but originalty has its own importance and leaves a powerful impact on the listeners.

In nutshell, If I concentrated on my grammar skills at the time when I was improvising my speaking and writing skills, I would have left far behind and you won’t be reading this blog.


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