Wiki – 917401038764

This is for all WHATSAPP users. Once you are bored sharing all the limericks, facts, jokes, gag bag and all kind of stuff with your friends and family, dedicate your time to learn and upgrade your knowledge using this advanced feature.

  1. Save this number in your phonebook 917401038764 preferably with the name WIKIPEDIA
  2. If you are admin of any whatsapp group please add Mr. Wikipedia in that particular group.
  3. If you are not an admin, you can ask the person authorized to add numbers to do this for you.

Once you are through with these steps, go to whatsapp wall and:


Wiki (term)

Within few seconds, you will get a detailed meaning or description of the term. You will have access to any stuff that is assembled by wikipedia on the internet.

To get rid of unwanted posts and news which you receive from the service provider

please type:


term-  I refer to the word that you searched for….



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