Past and present

Sometimes, I would engage myself in saying everything that comes to my mind. I am taking you back to the early 90’s when I was in college. I never liked reading the text books which covered the boring syllabus. College days, it was like someone pushing and promoting me to the next level. Somehow I managed to clear T.Y exams.

There was passion to learn and I was concentrating on topics which I found interesting and was acquiring knowledge. I was never addicted to one particular thing. At times I used to read spiritual books and then switch over to read about inventions and discoveries, rugby jokes, comics, stories of akbar-birbal etc. As I am a movie manic I was also fond of reading film magazines. Going through the gossips, movie reviews, forthcoming releases etc. I was into everything except novels. One needs patience to get along with novels and I don’t have that.

Living with hobbies and not being ambitious has affected my professional career and growth to some extent but I won’t regret because I am living a MAST life today. Friends enjoy my company. Bosses are accepting my creativity. Less Vitamin M and not a sophisticated life style but I have invaluable friendship with many people.  Technology has helped to exhibit my talent. Making audios videos and sharing with my friends. Reading, writing, speaking, listening etc. Living my life as per my whims and fancies but without hurting the sentiments of others.

Hip Hip Hurray!!!



One thought on “Past and present

  1. Hi,

    Seems as if am commenting after a long time. At a point of time in life you might not be a lakhpati or a carodpati. What it matters is you should be content & happy for whatever you have achieved in life.

    Repenting for the deeds done in past will always make a person let down, less confident which would end up leading a disastrous life in the future.

    I am proud that you are happy at this age.

    Hope for the best.


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