Hypermarkets and Supermarkets

One stop destination for all daily need products for the entire family. In the last ten years we have seen how access to the food and other resources have become easy and convenient for all of us. Today when I enter any supermarket like D’Mart or Big Bazaar with a desire to buy some stationery for my daily use, I may exit with handful of vegetables, clothes, groceries and some electronic gadgets. I do not have to roam around from one chowk to another for my needs items like the olden days. This is possible because of the introduction of hypermarkets and supermarkets which is path breaking achievement by the business giants. My wife ensures, we visit supermarkets, a minimum two times in a month to pick everything that we prefer.

Since my choices are not accepted by my family members I just move around in these markets like a luggage carrier with my eyes wide open and concentrating on everything that I can see.

“I was not a god student which means I have not learned things completely from the books I read during my school days. Now today when I visit supermarkets I try to correct myself on things which I was not sure. The names of food items, vegetables or you can say everything that is sold in the supermarkets. There are placards, notices, advertisements, hoardings, labels which signifies and are used to identify the products and their uses. I keep checking them with the objective to memorize the names of these items. I am not ashamed to reveal the fact that even after 10 years frequent picnics inside these malls, I still cannot tell you the English names for all the vegetables, fruits, crockery or anything and everything that is sold inside these markets.

However in this process, I have upgraded by knowledge to some extent. I still have many things to learn and life is all about learning. From day one, when my brain started functioning I ensured whatever I have learned, I shared with my friends.

You can ask my friends and colleagues – they say sir “aapse bohot kuch sikha humne” and I am on cloud nine. HA HA……


2 thoughts on “Hypermarkets and Supermarkets”

  1. Arun Sir,

    Sabkuch seekha tumne na seekhi HOSHIYARI
    Sach hai duniya wallon ke tum ho ANARI

    Kuch alag andaz mei

    I am aware that you have been spending half of your life in Retail shops wandering like a vagabond. But your attempt to learn certain things is what is to be appreciated.

    Some time ago you had mentioned that you don’t use credit cards for bulk purchases. My friendly advice to you would be to use a card for such purchases rather than carry hard cash. Only challenging task for you, would be to persuade your family members. Just imagine what you would enjoy, credit purchase of 1 month & reward points accumulated on credit cards can be utilised as compliments.

    Please don’t degrade yourself. You could have been a below average student in school, doesn’t matter. I have known you for the last five months, and have noticed that you are no doubt intelligent, passionate about making friends, hilarious, caring, treat specifically women with respect & talented enough to create your own website. In a nutshell you are a self-made man

    Let me bring to your notice my dear friend that, the concept of Retail marketing (Supermarket) is dying which had a great hype for last 10 years. Now we can shop on variety of things sitting at home on click of a button. The concept of Online shopping is too much in trend and has many advantages. Reasonable margin on MRPs, home delivery, card payment & fresh groceries.



  2. Khud ki tareef karna apna purana aadat hain (as marina referred – blowing his own trumpet)
    Aaj aapne kar diya to mera kaam kum ho gaya.

    Thank you for the kind words and appreciation.

    Yes – I will think of buying a credit card ASAP.

    One thing which you have mentioned is that I treat specifically women with respect. This is the only option left with me PK. At this age I cannot think of having crush on babes, flirt with ladies etc. This is time to go for repentance and confessions. Start doing good things so that God forgives all the sins which I have committed during the days when my romantic life was at its peak.

    In Google baba’s ashram SELF MADE MAN is not that difficult. Yes, then you have to cling to it and never give up. Every single click will open a new door but one has to decide if they should enter the house or not. An overview of the webpage at the first glance should say, this is not my destination. I will go somewhere else to find what I want. Sometimes it behaves like PALACE of Aishwarya Rai in DEVDAS…… Doors doors and doors… you have to keep searching for the real DEVDAS where he is.


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