My colleague today gave me CHIKKI to eat. I have not confirmed with her if it is LONAVALA “MAKE”.

A piece of chikki in my hand urges me to share some serious facts with all of you. If you go back and check with your forefathers if they had any tooth problem when they were young, you would come to know they didn’t. Today, a small kid studying in Montessori has to go through root canal. I sometimes feel this is unnecessary havoc created by the dentist’s lobby. They bring to your notice the minor symptoms and warn you about the future effects. You are prompted to follow the prescription and they make more money than the surgeons these days.


7 thoughts on “Chikki

  1. Hi,

    I fail to understand why the Chikki is being related to Dentist

    Anyway forget forefathers, even we our generation didn’t have any toothache as a serious issue. Our forefathers could afford only two meals a day & where using “datoon”

    Time has changed, parents are earning and can afford to provide fast food to children anytime during the day, with Ayas or maids taking care of their little tots.

    Children don’t know what is going into their mouth sitting in front of the idiot box, or moving their fingers on mobile games. The funniest part is, tissue papers readily available to wipe, without flossing their mouth.

    Dentist, why to blame them!, they are into business of making money. If they don’t advice the costliest treatment to the children of high profile parents they would be looked down as Dentists.

    Check the media for variety of products on toothpastes with clove, salt, Babul datoon and god knows what??

    Finally would conclude that “Problem is the mother of all inventions”



  2. Arun , I agree with you.

    On other day I was questioning myself that What I gained after years of brushing and using these toothpastes, I’ve cavity in teeth.

    Also I doubt when you visit these dentist who’ve mushroomed now a days in all nooks of city, your teeth problem increases. I think they use some chemical to infect other Teeth which are fine. I sensed this deception in my last visit to dentist and I cancelled my future plan to visit same dentist. I will get fix my cavity through other dentist, preferably a female one!!.



  3. PK – I was trying to say eating more sweets is not good for teeth. Also chikki is hard. Some chikkis are harder than cudappah tiles. The problem with some chikkis is that they are so hard I have to use hammer to break. A great effort is required. I hope you agree with this..


  4. Hi again,

    Well i don’t agree with both of you. It is you who should choose what should go in to the mouth. If you feel the chikki is hard, better don’t have it.

    One may use varieties of toothpastes or datoons, but taking proper care is what it matters at the end of day

    Don’t just blindly follow any doctor, be it a Dentist or a Surgeon. Always try to get as many information from the patients of a doctor before any treatment. Question them why this & why not that??

    As per my experience with a Dentist i never had any problem as i always followed these steps.

    Once i had been to a Dentist for putting braces on upper jaw teeth, do you know what did he advised me.

    “You have got such a beautiful smile why do want to go for it.” Please don’t do it



  5. This was one of the crucial decision taken by your caretakers. Dentist was right.
    I would never think about putting braces on upper jaw or lower jaw teeth. My face will not be ready to accommodate metal wires and other man made particles. These are not the essential items to decorate the lovely face which I have.

    When you speak about this so called technology, I remember in my entire lifetime it was only once when I experimented to exhibit my beauty. This was bleaching facial on the previous night before my marriage day. The consequences were so dire that I repent even today thinking about what I did. I cannot see my marriage pictures and since it was related to an fortunate / unfortunate occasion I cannot throw them away either.

    Your inputs are very much appreciated. Thanks for sharing your views.

    Arun Thevar

    The man behind Java and ahead of oracle.


    1. All depends on the kind of dentist you get in your vicinty. Also, we cannot do much investigation on the track record of any professional. I’m not trying to defmae dentisit community, there are good doctors as well, but you will agree that nowadays everythign has become business and professional etichs are taking backseat. This is the reality.

      However, I defninitely have issues with MNC’s selling tooth care products and exaggerating (rather fooling) the features of thier product. If they cannot guarantee the protection of teeth, they shall be banned from market.

      Here, one will have to understand toothpaste is also kind of medicine and what rules applies to medicine , same rules shall apply to all brands of tooth paste/ products. These co.’s shall desist making misleading quotes in the advertisments.

      They shall be asked to prove what they are claiming.



      1. Hi,
        I think this chapter needs to be closed here. Debate and discussions will keep going on



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