Notice to colleagues

Please switch off your systems and come to the compound immediately after the clock strikes 7. Definitely not like a school student who jumps after hearing the bell. Speak to your immediate seniors and then move. Some of my colleagues might be unlucky today if they are on a mission to send urgent jobs.

Owners are requested to park their vehicles in one corner so that we create a spacious dance floor for the dancers.

We have a mixed crowd in our office so please do not fight for your preferences. Gujarati song or Marathi song whichever suits to the aura and environment will be played. Nishant, Riddhi and Mahesh has got some heart thumping and foot tapping numbers. You can contact them.

Bus will start at 8.30 PM. Central staff please make a note of this.

PS : I am not keeping well so I would be a mere spectator today.

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