Credit Card

Credit cards


Executives roaming in the lobby area of the shopping malls carrying papers in their hand will keep chasing you. These papers are basically applications for buying a new credit card. I do not have credit card of any bank with me because my family members have always opposed whenever I tried to convince them on this matter. According to them, a person like me who prefer friends over relatives, enjoy partying with colleagues should not be having one, as chances are there I will not be using the card for proper purposes. They fear one day I will be flooded by debts If I have a credit card.

There can be negative impact of keeping a credit card but there are positive sides too. In case of emergency If you have to buy any household items, go for shopping and do not have hard cash with you, you can always enter the showroom like a giant and shop like a mad man with the credit card. You don’t have to borrow money from others. As per your convenience you can pay back to your bank before the due date.


4 thoughts on “Credit Card”

  1. Hi,

    Yes i partially agree to what you have mentioned about the disadvantages of using a credit card. I also possess a credit card but since i don’t spend lavishly i hardly make use of it.

    The result is the card gets deactivated. I rather use debit card over credit card. Credit cards do have its advantages. They are not bad products, in fact it makes the customer to purchase goods on credit.

    Its the holders way of using it in the wrong manner. As i said one should always value money. If this discipline is not maintained then money, whether currency or otherwise called as plastic currency will only build liability & not wealth for an individual



    1. : -) : -)

      Oh yeah why not! definitely, even i am enjoying the way its moving.

      Let me tell you one thing. I somehow feel the idiom works here very well……..
      “Man proposes God disposes” isn’t it

      Guess who is Man & who is GOD


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