Give me RED. This day is also called as national red wear day. Marks first day of the great entertaining festival “Navratri” I have been following this festival since I started enjoying music and dance.

Kharegaon Raas Garba is considered as one of the best spots in and around Thane. I have stopped playing garba since last 3 years and now I am a mere spectator. It is very nice to see the packed crowd with dancing to the foot tapping numbers. I love listening Äadha Hain Chandrama, Pari Hoon Main and finally the medley of marathi koli songs. This year you can expect SHANTABHAI….


3 thoughts on “1st Day – Year 2015

  1. Hey,

    Happy Navratri to all those who visit this blog

    Well i couldn’t stop my self on visiting the blog today, as i knew that you would add something on the onset of Navratri

    But you will agree that Navratri festivals has been commercialised in the last 10 years. I remember me playing garba during my school days with only few ladies & girls revolving around a chair, chanting garba songs with Maa Durga’s photo placed over it in the centre, for the simplest reason that there was no music system in those days.

    Thanks to Phalguni Phatak for introducing Disco dandiya & garba in a modern style where people from all walks of life gather under one roof and enjoy the event.

    Earlier it was only a festival celebrated by gujjus, but today we can see dandiya or garba being organised in every nook and corner of the city, not just that its an occasion which is accepted and celebrated as an event in many corporate’s as well

    We all are dressed in RED today, tomorrow BLUE and so will follow the colours for rest of the 8 days to come.

    Happy Navratri once again and let the goddess bless us all with all her charm, courage, vigor, knowledge & wisdom.



  2. Things have changed completely. During the ancient times we use to see people living in tribal region wearing junglee clothes and dancing jee lee lee jee lee lee (lol….just smile while reading) and now they are dressing like robots with all the technical gadgets attached to their body although I have not seen them in their mandatory traditional wear in recent times.I have some relatives staying in Andaman and Nicobar island but now it is more than 4 years since i lost touch with them.

    When you say about the old customary practices of having an idol or photo of Maa Durga and garba lovers doing merry go round, now these practices have taken a drastic turn. Now things are glorified. People do not come with the objective to seek blessings and listen to the music “main to bhool chali babul ka des”. These days they are waiting to listen and dance to ” Mere photo ko mere photo ko seene se yaar
    Chipka le saiyan Fevicol se”

    We have LIVE orchestra in one stage and a panel of politicians sitting at another stage. There is a running commentary by the anchor of what’s happening at the venue. Greeting the chief guests, honouring them with all the adjectives. Circulating WHO’S WHO in the political parties in amidst of the crowd who have gathered to enjoy the event.

    As you mentioned everything is commercialised.

    This is reason I have stopped giving donation to the club who organize such events at our place. I am a simple struggler who is striving hard at my office to earn few bucks so that I can provide bread and butter to my poor family.

    This week my appraisal is due so let Maa Durga shower her blessings on me.



  3. Good Morning,

    Good that the appraisals in your office are happening during the navratri occasion. Goddess Saraswati will definitely shower her blessing to all those who have worked hard, Dil Se no matter what the profession is.

    I feel happy to know that you value your hard earned money.

    I believe that money possesses value, & if you value money it will create wealth for you, provided one handles it with discipline. This is the only reason why Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped for.

    I am really glad on your decision that you don’t donate to unreliable trusts. Keep doing good deeds and you will realise that you have created an aura of well being & happiness in & around the surrounding

    Cheers from me always


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