I was chatting with my school friends about our uniform which we were forced to wear during our school days. Horrible rules – innocent kids. In my case, the most tragic part was I have to wear a neck tie. This was mandatory and one thing which I did not like at all.

In today’s corporate world there are some companies where they have office uniform for their staff and a permanent dress code which needs to be followed. Now this is a bad news for a fashion savvy people. In a certain calculation all the brainy people working in the organization would appear like housekeeping staff. Luckily our company does not have any such rules and I am enjoying my professional life, CHEERS TO THAT…


Posted by Arun Thevar


  1. Hi,

    Every school has a uniform. Lets not debate or discuss on those dress codes maintained by the school fraternity.

    But in today’s corporate world i totally agree with you that some corporate’s do have this unwanted requirement of uniforms.

    The concept of uniform is basically introduced with companies having business relations with regards to serving the customer from front end.

    You see doctors, technical boys in labs & nurses, manufacturing & engineering units & many more. Uniforms are necessarily not required for corporate’s providing back end process work.

    We also don’t have any such dress codes for the staff, but would want them to be dressed in a decent manner. They can come in casuals as well as formals provided they are not revealing as we are into service industry providing back end process & information .




    1. Right Said .. Thumbs up..



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