Mumbai darshan with clients

Accompanying the clients to show them different shades of Mumbai is a wonderful experience. You show them the rags and the riches. With ISKCON we started and I told them to read the scriptures on the wall which is little bit influenced by the foreign soil. Hare Rama Hare Krishna is one temple where we can expect number of visitors from abroad because Lord Krishna is famous across the globe.

I personally find interesting in describing the famous spots of Mumbai to our visitors because here the relation is of an intelligent teacher and weak student. You tell them and they keenly listen to you. There is curiosity and willingness to hear from us because where we live and what we experience is a strange thing for them. You can also expect certain doubts and queries which arises in their mind and they share. This can put you in an awkward situation sometimes.

Post release of SLUM DOG MILLIONIARE every person comes to India would like to know something about Dharavi.

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