I read the news today. 15 year old Kabyanil Talukdar from Guwahati can solve the Rubik’s cube, blindfolded, in under 25 seconds. Today I am 44 plus and I am not ashamed of revealing the fact that I have made several attempts in my life to check my intelligence in suck combination puzzle but in vain.

First twenty years of my life, I was super pessimist. I never felt I can solve puzzles, riddles etc. My mathematics is weak and there were people who were underestimating me and doubting my qualities. In the early stages of my professional life, there were colleagues and some seniors who were confusing me in my daily routines. Perhaps they were worried if get a grip on my work and climb the ladder they will be left behind.

Year 2015 – I know the Vitamin M which is credited to my account is not to the extent what I deserve but I am famous as a teacher, learner, mentor, entertainer etc. Something in kind to compensate the cash deficiency CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincere thanks to GOOGLE – my tutor, trainer, guide and knowledge bank.


5 thoughts on “Rubik’s cube

  1. Hi,

    Here you sound like a philosopher, but please don’t underestimate yourself.

    But i fail to understand where you say you learned every bits of information from GOOGLE, then why it didn’t struck you to get the solution to solve the Rubiks cube puzzle from google itself.

    Point to be noted



    1. Well you don’t have to take lessons for swimming. The funda is very simple as you only have to see that your body is light enough to float in the water and you automatically will move your hands and limbs


      1. First let me jump inside the well and then I will try all the tips and tricks suggested by you. Wish me good luck.


  2. All the very best
    just an advice ……. practice “Pranayam” this will help you to breath & hold the breath, no matter you jump or stand head over heels…………..ha ha ha ha


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