Encouraging the subordinates is necessary in our professional life. No one is 100% perfect and being a boss, if you try to evaluate their work investigating at a micro level then chances are there you will never be completely satisfied with their work. At times, you should be ready to accept the minor flaws as long as it does not affect the core business of the company. Start looking things at a broader perspective and such subordinates who are excused for their silly mistakes in the initial stages of their career with the company will prove to be a great contributors. This is the way company grows and remember employees are the back bone. If you do not have staff to work for you, you cannot satisfy your clients.


2 thoughts on “Evaluation

  1. Good Morning,

    Evaluation of employees at macro & micro level has its own significance depending upon what business the company is engaged into.

    Yes, human errors can happen as nobody is 100%perfect. But learning from mistakes & not repeating them should be the prime objective on part of the employee.

    Evaluation is not only about indicating failures, but also giving positive feedback which could boost ones morale & motivate the employee to improve further & accept more challenges ahead.

    On the other hand how long would an employee stay with the company is again a subjective concept. You and I cannot decide that, yes taking all positive measures to retain good employee is no doubt a stepping stone.



  2. Now the post has taken its shape. A comprehensive view on this subject has come forward. Thanks for your inputs and I agree to all the points mentioned in the comments posted by you. As you have mentioned how long an employee would stay with the company is definitely a subjective concept. We cannot decide and read their minds.

    Also I agree to your point that the same mistakes should not be repeated. New mistakes occur when there is something new involved in the task they are handling which does not remain same always. The one who tries challenging tasks and is open to take new tasks is the person who will commit mistakes. He will also keep correcting himself whenever his mistakes are spotted and the seniors remind him.

    The company grows with the contribution of such dedicated and brilliant learners.


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