Grooming is the process of making yourself look neat, attractive and presentable. Someone told me that I do not shave every day and this is against the etiquettes.
Listen to my laconic reply:
You will rarely see any philosopher and magician who are clean-shaven. You can compare me to them. Again we work for UK clients and we prefer to groom ourselves only on occasions when there is a client visit. At this age, I am not in the process of impressing my colleagues with my looks. I am not here for modelling or to walk on the ramp. Carrying brains and using them to get the work done by others is my primary role. This clarifies everything. By the way, I shave once in two days to save some money which I spend on buying razors.


4 thoughts on “Shaving

  1. Hey,

    Philosopher and Magician possess the caliber to materialise their thoughts which is otherwise known as fiction.

    There is no point in comparing yourself with these artists as you are obliged to follow certain instructions called as etiquette from the department.

    Last but not the least I fail to understand the paradox situation where you say
    You don’t follow certain routines because of the personality you don’t carry, and the other reason being that of saving certain petty amount.

    My dear friend let me bring to your notice that if you are so concerned with saving, think about those leisures where you spend huge amount of money, which otherwise could be spent for a better cause

    From an adviser friend


    1. Hi Preeta, u may find my views over your comment to be glaring, but I m sure abt adding some spice.

      1. Philosophers and Magicians

      Philosophers and Magician materialize fiction itself is fictitious statement… A FICTION is anyways a FICTION. If materialized or not ?? The one to cares is the one more hypocritical. If we are sure about not reciprocating to Fiction, then materialistic fiction is a strict no to reciprocate.

      Fiction is untrue, ILLUSION is more precise.

      Magicians are Illusive. We are able to see truth in the only dimension which he wants to show. We are blindfolded PARTLY.

      Philosopher regulates life’s actions, judgement, utterance etc by the light of Reasoning. Philosophers are subject bounded. Every philosopher in the world has a subject of philosophy. So, philosophy nothing but enhanced reasoning capability in certain areas of life, and not 100% of life. We are clarified and simplified PARTLY. blindfolded PARTLY.

      You are correct when you say, Arun’s view not to be compared with a philosopher or Magician. Bcoz he himself is a Mystic, he himself is a philosopher in this own, like we all are. PARTLY ILLUSIVE AND PARTLY IN MYSTERY (BLINDFOLDED)

      Where does comparison comes, if he is the peak..?? like we are unique.

      2. Paradoxical statement ; Savings and Shaving..

      Its either our life of SHAMAN or DAMAN. Live happy with your etiquette and not the department’s … Brain and creativity is what your etiquette should be. A pinch of salt to it is Shaving. If you don’t add salt to food everyday, that day, it tastes bad but actually more healthy. You save resource, you be money, and health as well 🙂


      Life has to be in Leisure. Depends on the level of Individual, the level of leisure. Irrespective of we saving, we end up spend our savings occasionally. Either in emergencies or in Leisure… So, what point if you save out of Leisure or basics ??


      AT ka VT…


  2. Hello Venkat,

    Its nice to lean that you have defined each term very precisely be it… Magician, a philosopher or leisure

    Have noticed one thing about you, you very well support your cousin what may be the situation.

    Finally, you wanted to add spice to the matter but ended up adding salt to it…….
    : -)



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