Me – The Happiest Person

There is a misconception amongst my friends and colleagues that I am the happiest person they have ever seen. The judgement is simply based on my behaviour and moods which I exhibit. If you are reading this post, let me clarify all the pains which I experienced since childhood are caged inside my heart. I do share some of them but not on a serious note. Friends love spending times with me and they want me to get engaged in things which they like. The laughter journey continues….


4 thoughts on “Me – The Happiest Person”

  1. Hi Arun,

    You may consider this as misconception that your are the happiest person. But its a fact that people who struggle in the initial stages and go through lot of pains reap the benefits of happiness at a later years to come.

    Believe me even i have gone through pains and struggles in my life. I don’t remember to have wasted a single minute in my life.

    I do carry those sad memories of the past within me. Then for a moment i realise i am enjoying life to the fullest with friends like you around.

    We friends were there to share your laughter and would be there to share your griefs as well. We would have wanted you to do things as we pleased, but on the other side there were times when we appreciated your talent and creativity gracefully.



  2. A…Run,

    No single person, event or experience has right to sit inside our mind and disturb our peace. For the sake of peace, I have let go of anything, anybody, but preserved my peace. From this statement, I resemble you….

    Reason being ;

    Misconception is not in you, its in the one who judges you. So, you remain how u r, but 1 with u is in illusion abt u… Aaahh..!! u r magician… 🙂 Pain ; a feeling which has turned you MAGICAL..

    What difference betwn you and others when pain is anyways there ??

    Ans: Others carry pain, and you let go off and that to too OFTEN and in lightening speed….

    I resemble you…

    So, pain is victim of AT. AT a predator and pain a prey… U r actually the happiest bcoz u let go off anything and any1 tossing your peace…

    I resemble you…

    U r peaceful, u r actually “the happiest”…


  3. Even I saw many times that there is always a silence in the Nature (Your Mood). Problem are part of life and each of all people have to face in life whether for family or for finance. Infact, Today What You are is just hard work and problem have raised you. I have lots of knowledge & experience in life just learnt from those and grown up. I Even ask God To give me problems so that i can learn new things. When ever you feel tired or saddness just think abt people equal to us (as human being) being trated like donkey, Some have great and Dancing 1 leg piece or some has 1 magical hands. Some have alll body parts except those ugly eyes, etc……………endless.
    So never get down , work like army, leave life like circus ( joker), spread happiness like comedian and some 2 no. business for self :p :p.


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