2 days to go for Ganesh Chaturthi. Bappa will rock the streets. All are waiting. The devotees who perform Pooja (aarti) and worship him wholeheartedly and also the gamblers who will make fast money in these ten days. I have seen the members of MITRA MANDAL who are responsible for erecting giant size temporary shrines (pandals) to shelter BAPPA, will also have a secret corner which they use to play card games during the night time when they religiously avoid sleeping. This is another side of the story.

I like this festival for the aura which is created. There will be songs, banjos, dance, dhamaka etc. Long queues for a few seconds darshan of Lord Ganesha. During our childhood days we use to book a bus and visit different corners of Mumbai along with the relatives and friends to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Now the scenario has completely changed. Festivals are commercialised. I am not going to any of those famous spots but would prefer to go and visit the homes of my friends, near and dear ones where the idol is worshipped. Sing AARTI in incorrect Marathi language and eat delicious modaks.


Posted by Arun Thevar