I cannot say rightly in English all the times. I had never joined any classes to learn how to pronounce words correctly and clearly. During my early professional life when I worked with a chemical manufacturing company as a factory officer, I never felt I should join for some course on voice and accent training. This was not required to grow with the company where I was working at that point of time. I have learned how to speak with correct pronunciation by listening to my teachers, bosses, colleagues. Watching news channel on television, videos on you tube. My advice to those who are not efficient in pronunciation is they should not demoralize themselves by thinking over these limitations. Watch Abdul Kalam, scientist and our former president speaking at the United Nations on YouTube. There was a problem with his pronunciation, but the felicitation which he received at the podium was commendable. He is admired by millions of students in India and across the globe for his inspirational speeches.