Coconut Water

This nariyal paani wala at our naaka was telling me about the importance of coconut water and the role it plays to keep you fit and healthy. One thing which he mentioned during the conversation was quite interesting and we all have to believe it. According to him, if you have coconut water daily then chances are less that you will be prone to any diseases and we can avoid visiting doctors. Doctors don’t want to lose their business and this could be the reason they never suggest this remedy. They will give you colorful capsules and tasteless syrup.


Think in English

Lot has been shared and mentioned about the tips and tricks which can be used to improve your English and communication skills.

This unique method was brought to my notice by one gentleman when I started my professional career.

His words were – If you have to improve your English – THINK IN ENGLISH

Think about using new words and construct effective sentences. This works.

Humming Songs

Start your day listening to a wonderful song. Many a times it happens the song which you hear after you wake up, you keep humming this song throughout the day. Whenever you take a pause from your routine work, you will start humming the song which you have listened in the morning. This is observed everywhere. A practice which can be followed to get relieved from stress. Most of the times when I travel and if I am alone, I have to do this to entertain myself.