When I look back and recollect the things which I did, when I was struggling to be innovative, I can say some of my moves were amateurish. Today I feel that there was nothing wrong in those trials. I did not make a mockery of myself instead I learned a lot. The initiation was necessary. Efforts and experiments were necessary. I did not bother about what people said.

In your life, you will come across such circumstances when people will criticize and ignore your work. The only advise is to stay calm and focus on your projects. Salman Khan if he watches his movie “Maine Pyar Kiya” today, he will laugh at himself thinking about his acting and gestures in some scenes of that movie and today he is a successful actor and a generous person who is loved by all. His foundation “Being Human” is one of the famous charitable institutions in the country.


Mobile Shops

You are exposed to a different world by the boys inside the shop. These boys who work at mobile shops are not academically strong or well qualified but they possess a strong, vast and perfect knowledge about the products they offer. They are also aware about the products their competitors or the next door neighborhood who is into the same business offer to the customers out there. One can even see guys who are less than 15 years of age are qualified by experience and turn out to be impressive salesmen. Like a chatter box they will continuously describe the features of the products. They have answers to all your questions. Trained in such a manner by their bosses so that they can interact with any type of customer and convert the visitors to prospective buyers of these electronic gadgets


Auto-rickshaw drivers are like hosts of talk-shows. You initiate on any topic and they will be ready with their inputs. As this job involves direct interaction with general public on day to day basis they gain knowledge from the discussion they have with the passengers at the time of travel.

If the owner and the driver of the auto-rickshaw are one and the same then chances are there you are going to hire a highly decorated rick. Incense sticks (agarbattis) and flowers along with statues of Saibaba or Lord Ganesha is mostly seen in auto-rickshawas. The fragrance infused from these incense sticks have a calming effect on the mind, body and soul. Suprabhatham or devotional songs are played on their music systems.



The combo offer is a pack of 2 samosas and 2 medium sized cold drinks cup which costs anything between Rs.125-150. They charge exorbitant rates for these foods which we can get it from outside by paying half the amount that you pay at multiplex. Also the snacks is heated using oven and then served which does not assure delicious quality and taste. Remember you are not allowed to carry foods that you purchase from outside. Not even a bottle of Bisleri inside the multiplex hall.

English Subtitles

Listening helps in improving your word power and vocabulary. Some people are impressive speakers but not everyone has the flair to attract others. I am lucky to have had the honor of working with some employers who were absolutely dynamic. ANP & XLD my ex-bosses, they were very picky in using words while addressing issues to the staff members. I have always admired them and followed their ways for sharpening my leadership skills.

If you don’t like reading books than I would suggest the alternate medium to learn new English words is to watch movies with English subtitles. You are going to read the exact translation of Hindi / regional languages in English. This will help.



The office peon, attendant and junior staff in any organization enjoy the privilege to visit government offices like Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise etc.

My suggestions to the owners of the business is to spend some time with these junior staff who are going to be a perfect guide for you. Because they regularly visit these departments, they will have an idea about the grievances and expectations of the officers whom sometimes you have to bribe to get the things done. They can explain the inconveniences caused while getting the necessary formalities duly completed.

Mr. Boss BEWARE your chillars are PILLARS


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application and has been widely used these days. Most of Management Information Systems (MIS) reports are prepared in Ms. Excel

To sharpen your skills in Excel, I would recommend you to visit the following website

This does not come with attractive screen shots. A dull appearance in front of your eyes but provides very good examples on excel commands and functions. The option “excel tips” (A-Z) in this website gives you self-explanatory notes on various excel commands with the screenshots. The series of steps involved is mentioned in detailed manner and gives you an idea about what would be the NEXT, NEXT & NEXT whilst you are involved with the processes. There is also an option “excel files” which enables you to download the sample excel files. You can download these files on your system and learn on your own.

I learned a lot from this website.


The adjective ‘Manoranjan’ is voluntarily added to my name because I wanted the world to know that I have lived with the objective to add smile on people’s faces. With my jokes and humor I am here to entertain you. You will unconditionally laugh and enjoy my company. If you spot me in depression and in a dull mood please let me know immediately.  Just as the business tycoons and legends in various fields try to hide some sources of their income from the income tax authorities, I keep my pains in a separate garbage bin in one corner of my heart.


Post on a web log started when I became conversant with computers. I use to write a lot during my college days. With a pen and notebook next to my pillow I use to sleep.  Today if you ask me to express my views on any topics which I am fond of, I can straightway make a quick start. Please excuse me if you find any grammatical errors in my blogs. Critics will find difficulty in spotting grammatical errors on my blogs because when I am not comfortable with my English while drafting, I try to reconstruct the sentence in a different style.


Chinese alphabets are the most attractive ones. It appears to me like a rangoli. Have you seen those triangles, rectangles, short lines which are used in Chinese words? I just have the opinion females in India can learn Chinese language must faster as compared to males. The words appear more like the rangolis which they draw during festivals. Next students who have scored good marks in geometry in their school days can learn this language very quickly and efficiently. I live in India and once while having a dinner in a Chinese restaurant I was told to order for HONG KONG fried ride by my friends. This is versatility