Electronic Gadgets

I was telling everyone that we are electronically ruined these days. How do we go back to our childhood and school days? Is that possible?

I am in a dilemma most of the times if I should deactivate all my accounts that I have on social networking websites (FB, Twitter) and the latest one is the intriguing Whatsapp. On the other hand, I feel I have to stay here and communicate with people. Gather knowledge on varied topics which circulates through this device. Remain updated, add some smiles on my face by reading those jokes which I receive on my mobile every day. The world is going crazy in being innovative and exploring creativity and I want to be crazy just like everyone else.



Sharing the random thoughts and ideas connected to every sphere of life has become very easy now. I just have to put some efforts in using my laptop keys and go on typing everything that my heart speaks.  These are available on this personal blog. Life has taught numerous lessons to me in both personal and professional life. All that I am going to do is to present everything in a very impressive way. The readers should enjoy reading and chances are there they will experience, somewhere at some point of time everything that I had gone through. Enjoy reading…CHEERS

Anthony Gonsalves

The email which I sent to Anthony Gonsalves was enclosed with an attachment (selfie) in which I am holding attractive show piece object which has four small bottles in it. This is kept at my desk.  One bottle went missing and I was asking his suggestions to locate this. How do I find this bottle? We do not have LOST AND FOUND property in-charge at our office.

I also wanted to tell him that I had hair dye done by visiting parlor yesterday. My intention was to appear younger like him.

This is the reply which I received from Anthony:

Go grey and accept your age with grace my friend!

My suggestion for the missing bottle is to drink the other 4 bottles and throw out the box – it will stop you from worrying about the missing one!

Extension Number

When I have to call our IT department I dial 111 from my extension and when they have to contact me they have to press 222. We are lucky to have such nelson figures as our extension numbers. Easy to remember, recollect, dial and speak. The next time when the EPABX guy comes to your office for rebuilding the telephone systems and infrastructure, whisper into his ears. INTERESTING NUMBERS PLEASE!!! If he is not ready to do this special favor, bribe him. If he is a smoker give him a pack of UDAN GARAM and if he is a drinker a kingfisher beer will work.

The Immediate Boss

People don’t leave companies, they leave their bosses.

In a big organization it may not be possible to have interaction with the top management. The CEO’s, COO’s who employ 1000 + staff, they will never get a chance to meet all the employees of their organization. It is practically not possible. This is the reason the immediate boss whom you are reporting should be a good leader. If your boss is not a good leader, even if you are paid a very good salary, you will not continue in that organization for a longer term.