While travelling if you are lucky enough to grab a window seat then don’t close your eyes and take a nap. Watch those giant size hoardings installed at the two sides of the streets.

You will watch advertising on hoardings for fast moving consumer goods, electronic gadgets and many more things. These advertisements convey a message to the readers. Tag lines which speak about the product is displayed with the aim to attract the people. When you come across such punch lines please think over it. It is these tag lines which leaves a positive impact about the product. NOKIA – connecting people is an example

A day will come in your life when you work for a company and will be asked to come up with a tag line to promote the new product. In future if you opt to develop your career in advertising field then this will be a routine responsibility. Why don’t you start experimenting today? Be creative…think .think and think.


Using Adjectives

Using adjectives to describe famous personalities is followed everywhere. You cannot just speak generic things about the honorable guests you have invited for the function. A summary of their profession, strengths, contribution etc. should be known to the person who is going to hold the microphone and welcome them.

Proper adjectives should be used and related to the concerned personality. Exaggeration should be avoided. If you glorify someone with more appreciation, the person may like however the crowd may not agree /accept the words wholeheartedly.

Electronic Gadgets

Craze for the latest and mobile devices with high-end features is a good thing but at the same time you should also think of the other aspects.

Elders who feel they won’t be comfortable in using an advanced mobile, please do not fight with your sons and grandsons to get one instrument with those complicated features.

On the contrary for a person who is an avid blogger, tech savvy interested in surfing all the times should go for the coolest, feature rich and the most advanced commercial mobile phone.

Buy a gadget which suits your requirements and interests.

Create your own work

There are people interested only in doing the things which comes their way. They only try to complete their daily routines. List of tasks which fits to their work profile. They never want to get creative and explore new things. This sort of laziness will affect their growth with the company. They will continue but will never see rapid growth in their professional career.

If you are not fully occupied with the work, please create work for yourself. You know the principle activity of your company’s business and the day-to-day activities that takes place. Be proactive and If your bosses believe in your potentialities, will definitely give you opportunity to learn new things.